My Cats Are Acting Like Crack Addicts

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Up until a month ago, I had perfectly normal acting cats, well...kinda normal anyway.
Then I decided to give the little furballs a treat, I purchased a few bags of "Whiskas Temptations. Seems harmless right? Wrong!
It was all good until I ran out of these little morsels, you would not believe the behavior of these felines unless you witnessed it yourself, it's bizarre. Mikey my deaf cat is just freaking out, he keeps looking at me me and meowing (loudly), he keeps going to the drawer where I usually keep them , looking to find them, he is meowing at the drawer, rolling over in front of it. WOW! When I am not looking he sneaks up behind me while I'm sitting down and does this Kneading/scratching post thing ON MY BACK! When he has my attention he Meows loudly again.
Yes, I know, we are out of treaty weaties.
The rest of them (there are 6 all together) are acting like straight fools, they are now turning on each other.

So now I am off to the store to get their drug, I am so enabling them. LOL

Thank you Whiskas for making a product my cats love so much....really.
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Here are my Magical Textures sets 1,2 and 3.
All were made from real Bokeh and real textures.

Hope you like them.

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