4 Free Paper Blogger Backgrounds

Sunday, November 18, 2012 / 2 comments
Yes, these Blogger Backgrounds are the bomb. I love how they turned out, hope you will too.

All of my blogger backgrounds are 1800x1600.

You can download them together as a set by following the download button under the preview or individually by clicking on the Background and then  then Right click and Save as.

Read here if you need help loading the backgrounds.

 As always they are free to download and use as you wish just don't claim them as your own and we are all good.


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20 Free Christmas Cutouts Plus Photoshop Brushes

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I know it's only November but I figured you people may need more time than what I gave you on Halloween. The night before cuts things a little close. LOL

Here I have for you some of the cutest Christmas Cutouts and Photoshop Brushes that you will find on the  Web. I will try to put out another set of these by the end of next week. For now though, here ya go....

Both Cutouts and Brushes were made in CS5.

You can Download them as a set or individually, just follow the buttons below, you will get the drift.


As always, these are free for you to download and use as you wish,
 just don't claim the package as your own and we are all good.

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6 Free Vintage Papers

Thursday, November 15, 2012 / Leave a Comment
Ok these turned out too cool, you are going to love them.

My Vintage Paper textures are a large 3888x2592. They were made from Vintage books and then resized so you can use them for just about anything .

You can download the set under the preview image or individually by clicking on the image and then right click and save as.

My Vintage Papers are FREE to download and use as you wish
 just don't claim them as your own and we are all good. :)

vintage paper 1 light crinkle

vintage paper 2 brown

vintage paper 3 green

vintage paper 4 light rough

vintage paper 5 dark

vintage paper 6 light beige

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3 Free Grungy Tumblr Backgrounds

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Hey everyone! I hope your Halloween was awesome!

I have so much for you all right now, I have been working my butt off. LOL

Right now, I am going to start you off with some very cool Tumblr Backgrounds that will Rock your weekend. :)

My Grungy Tumblr Backgrounds come in one size 1680x1050.

If you need a resizer action you can get it here

To download click on the image you want, and then Right click and Save As 

Preview opens at 1680x1050

Make sure you change the following line in your Tumblr Custom HTML

top left fixed repeat to this top left fixed no-repeat

If you need help with adding a background follow this link.

As always, my Tumblr backgrounds are FREE to download and use as you wish just don't claim them as your own and we are all good. :)

Purple Grungy Tumblr Background

Silver Grungy Tumblr Background

Blue Grungy Tumblr Background

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