She Belongs to Him

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When I was pregnant with Haley, so many people told me that I would really need to keep a close eye on Mikey once she was born due to how close Mikey I were. As many of you already know, Mikey rescued me under very special circumstances, the loss of my newborn son, two years prior to having Haley. Due to the unique relationship, people thought Mikey would be jealous of Haley. I wasn’t worried.

My whole pregnancy, Mikey would sleep next to my belly every night and he was just fascinated by any movement she would make from in there, it was really cute.
When we brought Haley home from the hospital, she was
 4 ½  pounds, itty bitty, but healthy. Mikey was so curious about her as soon as I walked through the door so I put her on a blanket on the floor and let him check her out. As soon as he got one whiff of that sweet baby smell he began to purr. He sniffed her from head to toe and then he curled up next to her for a nap.

As much as I trust Mikey, I tried to really play things safe and when she went down for naps and went to bed at night I would make sure her bedroom door was shut, we had a video monitor so it was all good. Well…a couple of times the door got left open and when I would look closer on the monitor I would see Mikey in her crib, he was being good but wanted to be next to her. I was assuming it was her body heat that he wanted. So I would go in there get him out of her crib and shut her door. I think it must have been the third time or so that the door got left open and this time I was downstairs and noticed  it open, I knew Mikey would be in there. I looked in saw that Haley was sound asleep but I didn’t see Mikey in her crib and was a bit surprised by that.
Another quick glance around Haley’s Room and there he was…sound asleep under her crib. He never jumped in her crib again, he would always nap under it during their nap time. I never shut her door again.

When Haley goes to bed at night Mikey always goes with her, he stays in there until she goes to sleep and he still doesn’t sleep on her bed with her, only if she isn’t in the bed and then it’s fair game. LOL You can always find him at bedtime sleeping next to Haley’s bed.  Once she is asleep…you can find him next to me, in my bed, our bed.

You know, Mikey and I went through so much before Haley arrived…Mikey didn’t understand all that made my heart hurt back then, he was a baby and his job was just to fix it and he did. When Haley came into the world two years later, it was pure Joy and Mikey thought so too because he knew what sorrow looked like .…he saw it on my face and how it felt next to him at night for a very long time. This Joy thing was different and he knew Haley brought that into our home…he loves Haley, she helped him save Mom.

Models are Mikey and Haley
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If He Was my Own

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If He Was my Own… I don’t think I could love him anymore than I do already.

This is the amazing Sheriff and he belongs to my friend Sandy.
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The Baby

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This is Alex and he is my baby, he is the youngest of my kitty crew.

My Alex is always trying to work his way to the top of the hierarchy around here but always seems to fall a bit short. LOL

If any of you have multiple cats then you may know how it goes with the pecking order when it comes to cats. Since Roo passed on it has been an all out fight for his position of number two under Mikey. I think Alex figured since he is a male that he would automatically claim that spot but my female Belle (his aunt) set him straight with a quickness. LOL

I would like to say he is at number three but to be there he would have to get passed Daisy and well…that won’t happen anytime soon either, she can still take him.

So Alex tries to focus his power over the only one he can and that would be Sissy but then I step in because Sissy is at the bottom of this whole Hierarchy thing and well…I’m her mom and I just protect her. :)

So I think Alex is a bit frustrated with his position and all but he is still sweet as sugar, I just adore him.

For those who do not know, I rescued Alex at 3 weeks of age…his mom was a Feral cat that I trapped to be spayed and released. She ended up being a sweet baby as well and so instead of being released back into her environment, she found herself a home with my friend Julie and she goes by the name of Bella now. She is also the sister of my cat Belle.

Confused yet? LOL

All of the kittens from the litter Alex was in were placed in loving homes.
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Ms. Belle

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When she first arrived at my house almost 5 years ago.

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He is the Moment

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He brings so much to my hectic world
Everyday with the busy schedules and all of the activities
He is the calm in the storm
He is the moment when I sit down to rest
Just a look, a glance in his direction brings such a peace to my existence
He gives me that balance I so need everyday
He brings me his all
He brings me his everything
And I need him.

Model is Mikey
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