3 FREE Sets of Tumblr Backgrounds

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Well the week is almost over....Yeah! I hope you all are doing wonderful....

Today I have another set of Tumblr Backgrounds for you....I think you may like these.

I have put them in sets so you can download two at a time but you can still download them individually if you want to by clicking on a background, when it opens to full size just Right Click and then Save As.

These backgrounds were created a bit different than usual. I actually created the top background in each set completely in CS5. Normally my textures and backgrounds come from photographs originally but the top ones here did not, I totally created them myself but the bottom backgrounds were made from real photographs and then processed in CS5.

My Tumblr Backgrounds are 1680x1050
If you need them smaller you can download my Tumblr resizer action for Photoshop here.

As always, my Backgrounds are free for you to download and use as you wish, just don't claim them as your own and we are all good. 

If you have any questions about my work at all, including how to use them or how they are made please feel free to contact me.

Enjoy your weekend!

Tumblr Backgrounds Set 1  Star

Tumblr Backgrounds Set 1 Blue Grunge

Tumblr Backgrounds Set 2 Soft Stripes

Tumblr Backgrounds Set 2 purple Grunge

Tumblr Backgrounds Set 3 Blinds

Tumblr Backgrounds Set 3 green grunge


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    3 Free Sets of Blogger Backgrounds

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     Hey everyone,  here they are, my new blogger backgrounds.
    This time you can download them in sets or individually.

     All of my blogger backgrounds are 1800x1600.

    If you click on individual Background you can then Right click and Save as.
    Preview will open at 1800x1600.

     Click here if you need help loading the backgrounds.


    Set 1 stripes

    Set 1 smokey blue

    Set 2 star

    Set 2 grey grunge

     Set 3 soft stripes

     Set 3 aqua grunge

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