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Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Sweet little Oliver....though he is not so little anymore. Oliver was a feral kitten from a colony my Papa has managed for many years. There was something about him that won Papa over because they already had 5 cats and then there was six.
Oliver has some serious skills though, my Papa has taught this cat to fetch...for real. Not with a ball, but a toy mouse and when that mouse gets tossed, it's on and he brings it right back to you almost every single time. It's pretty impressive.

I adore Oliver, he is a very loving animal and he is so soft. And this look you see right here just gets me. He always has such a concerned little look on his face, adorable.

I told Papa to keep a close eye on him because the first chance I get I'm stealing him. LOL I wish!
Oliver is where he belongs, he loves Papa to bits and Papa loves Oliver.

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