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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

10 Free Renaissance Tumblr Backgrounds

 Hey you guys what do you think of my new Blog look?
I am so loving it myself, its much cleaner and way easier for you to navigate I hope and it should load much faster for you also. My last template gave me like no sharing options with was weird and trying to get sharing buttons that would work with it was crazy, I didn't like that at all so we have a new look. I'm sure I will be changing it a bit as we go but one thing wont change and that is the awesome resources that are offered here.

For instance, today, I have another set of Tumblr backgrounds for you. These are not just any backgrounds either, these babies are flippin cool. Now, I got the idea from my Renaissance Textures which are really cool too. I added some color and tweaked the curves a bit and here you have it. I have tested them myself with Tumblr as I always do and they look great!

To Download the Backgrounds just click on the image you want , Right click and Save As.
Preview opens at 1680x1050. 

Make sure you change the following line in your Tumblr Custom HTML:  top left fixed repeat  to this  top left fixed no-repeat

If you need help with adding a background Follow this link.


 As always, my Tumblr backgrounds are FREE to download 
and use as you wish just don't claim them unless you change them. :) 

Tumblr Background Renaissance preview

Tumblr Background Renaissance red

Tumblr Background Renaissance purple

Tumblr Background Renaissance blue

Tumblr Background Renaissance blueish

Tumblr Background Renaissance brown

Tumblr Background Renaissance darker grey

Tumblr Background Renaissance pink

Tumblr Background Renaissance green

Tumblr Background Renaissance pinkish

Tumblr Background Renaissance grey

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Valer @BlogUp said...

Hi Jenny.
Since you asked - your new blog template is cleaner indeed, although it features smaller images, and probably less appealing to some users.

I've noticed a problem in your HTML header. Please check how DOCTYPE and HTML tags are on most sites and compare to yours. Missing certain default parameters could actually prevent some users from accessing your blog. Hope it helps.

Valer @BlogUpp