FREE Lighten Up Action

Wednesday, December 28, 2011 / Leave a Comment
Actions are not really my gig, I do the texture thing but I do make some actions for my own use with my photography, it just makes processing a gazillion photos a lot easier, especially when I have taken 300 or so in a low light environment which is when I use this action the most.
It seems to work pretty well and so I thought I would share it with you and maybe it could help you also with your own processing.

As with all of my resources, there are no rules, use as you wish just don't claim as your own and we are all good. Ok maybe that is a rule. LOL But that should be an easy one.
Hope you find it useful.

Action was created in CS5

Photograph used in this preview belongs to me and the Model is Mikey.

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Remembering Roo...the Video

Monday, December 26, 2011 / Leave a Comment
Well, I finally finished the video, I feel better now, it's been my therapy.
I tried to finish this a couple of weeks ago but it was too difficult trying to get through the song without losing it.
Today felt right, I spent much time yesterday, on Christmas, soul searching, coming to terms with life. Haley and I hung Roo's stocking on the tree next to his grave which somehow made us both feel better, Roo liked Christmas, more than the other cats and so we knew Christmas day would feel a bit sad without him here. To our surprise, it felt much different than sad, we talked about him openly and smiled a lot remembering him, we will never forget.

So today I decided to finish his video....

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