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Saturday, September 29, 2012

10 Free Vintage Tumblr Backgrounds

Oh, you didn't think I was going to leave my Tumblr People out of all the Vintage beauty did you?
I would never do such a thing. I have just saved the best for last.

These Vintage Tumblr Backgrounds so Rock, I really like them and I know you will too, they look great in action, tested and totally approved.

They come in one size, 1680x1050 but if you want to make them smaller and you have Photoshop you can download my Tumblr Resizer here.

Now, I put some work into these guys but not my usual work, these backgrounds are made from very old book covers so I can't take the credit for their original book cover form but the result, what you see here is the blending of those book covers with some of my most popular textures. I had a lot of fun with these so I hope you enjoy them lots.

Ok, so, to download them, you have two download under the background you want or you can just click on the background itself and when it opens, Right Click and then Save As.

As always, these backgrounds are Free for you to download and use as you wish, just don't claim them as your own.

Have fun, hope your weekend is going great!

Vintage Design


Grey Blue

Silver Blue

Blue Blend



Light Blue


Vintage Design Too

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