The Little Girl She is Today

Wednesday, May 9, 2012
The Little Girl She is Today

Until the day when the phone begins to ring and all of her friends call and occupy her time....

I will enjoy being her first friend and the one she always wants to play with.

Until her days are filled with trips to the mall, concerts to see and dances at school....

I will look forward to each remaining day that we get to spend, just the two of us, in the garden, coloring in books and watching Disney movies over and over again.

Until that guy walks through our door and sweeps her off her feet and every single second after her mind is filled with him....

I will love being the center of her universe and hold my status with honor.

Until the very day that she becomes that 'all grown up girl' I know she will be....

I will cherish every single second that I have with the 'little girl'.....she is today.

Model is Haley, my little girl.
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