24 Free Totally Random Tumblr Backgrounds

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 / Leave a Comment
Hello to everyone, I hope your Wednesday was awesome! I am here to make sure it ends awesome too and I bring gifts for you. LOL

Yep, I have a new set of Tumblr Backgrounds here for you, 24 in all and this set is just way random. Most of these are ones that I had left over from previous sets that somehow didn't make the cut. Usually because of color or something like that I end up dropping some and then I put them in a folder for later grouping. Well my folder is about full. LOL So I said heck with the grouping, you guys don't care about all that stuff you just want backgrounds that are cool and I have those. :)

My Tumblr Backgrounds are 1680x1050 they are made from my own photographs and then processed in CS5.
If you need them smaller you can download my Tumblr resizer action for Photoshop here.
Or you can resize them yourself of course. LOL

To download the backgrounds just click 'download' under the background you want or you can click on the background itself and when it opens 'Right Click' and 'Save As'.

Preview will open at 1690x1050

As always, my Backgrounds are free for you to download and use as you wish, just don't claim them as your own and we are all good. 
If you have any questions about my work at all, including how to use them or how they are made please feel free to contact me.

 I hope you have a fantastic Thursday.

 Enjoy the backgrounds!

red flower.jpg


black flowers.jpg

White Flower.jpg


Flowers on the right.jpg




floral curtains.jpg

floral pinks.jpg

flying flowers.jpg

pink butterflies.jpg


pink floral grunge.jpg

pinkish view.jpg

purple flowers.jpg

red black flowers.jpg


purple pastel flower.jpg


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