Midnight Fall Textures

Monday, October 17, 2016 / 1 comment
Here is a set of Textures that I really, really love, hope you love them too.

They are 5184 x 3456., created in CS6.

They are fully optimized and ready to go.

They are totally Free for you to Download and use in your personal or commercial projects.

There is no need to credit me unless you offer them 'as is'
for Download on another website.


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Bratty Halloween Cats Photoshop Brushes Plus PNG's

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So here are the rest of the kitties that I made.
I copied my cat Mikey's eyes on to these little black cutie cats and gave them some hats, they really came alive and I just had to share.
I have included some without the hats also in case you wish to add your own.

This set includes the Photoshop Brushes plus the PNG files I made them with.

They were created in CS6.

The black bodies of the cats were created by Freepik

You can Download these as a bundle or individually just follow the links below.

Have fun. Be creative.

Personal and Commercial use are both ok. No Need to Credit me. All I ask is that if you offer them 'as is' for download on another website, please link back to my website. Thanks.

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Black Cat Photoshop Brushes plus Png's and Backgrounds too

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Oh, you know I couldn't forget about you all on Halloween this is my favorite Holiday to create stuff!

So I was messing around with these little black cats the other day and thought to myself 'Hmmmm, I wonder what they would look like with Mikey's Eyes?' (Mikey is my green eyed beauty of a cat)

So I had to find out. LOL

I copied his eyes over these little black things and they just came alive. So of course they needed some hats and some backgrounds to call their own and Photoshop brushes were a must and that is how you ended up with this little Bundle.

Of course you do not have to download the entire Bundle if you do not want to...I have broken it down in sections just follow the links below.

They were created in CS6.

Backgrounds are 3888 x 2592.

Body of the cats was created by Freepik

Have fun. Be creative.

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