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Monday, July 11, 2011

Some Kind of Fairytale

Being a little girl is so much fun. I remember like it was yesterday...sometimes. LOL
Watching Haley play in her dress up dresses playing princess brings back so many memories of a childhood that was purely magical for me.
I hope when Haley is my age she will look back and remember these days as I remember my own.
Giving a child the opportunity to really be a child is so important. In this grown up world we often put too many responsibilities on our little kids, our expectations are sometimes to much. Everything nowadays is so scheduled so rushed, we are all in a hurry, I think our kids are the ones who suffer because we deny them the time to just be kids, to run and play and pretend in that land of make believe.
I remember that place because I was fortunate enough to have a mother that allowed me my play time, who encouraged it without scheduling it.
I try to do the same for Haley because it is within that time in that make believe place that we become so many different things and go to so many different places. Our imaginations are where our dreams first take flight, it is there that we will experience being a doctor or a lawyer or even a princess...
before we actually make those dreams come true.

Model is my little Princess Haley who just turned 6 years old. (And is now going on 17 years old) LOL


This Photograph "Some Kind of Fairytale" is one of my few attempts working with textures on my own photographs. I know, sounds funny since I create textures but I just love making them for others and haven't spent much time experimenting on my own work with them.
Yesterday after visiting one of my all time favorite sites Shadowhouse Creations I felt inspired to try and deliver to you an example of my textures on my own photographs, and "Some Kind of Fairytale" is the result.

The texture I used with this photograph is from my Magical Textures Collection and can be downloaded below.

And for those of you that have yet to visit Shadowhouse Creations I encourage you to stop in and give it a look, Jerry Jones, the creator of this brilliant site is crazy talented, his work is perfection. These are his latest offerings below.... yes offerings, his textures and resources are FREE.

Deluxe Photo Frame Kit + Example

Pastel Textures Set

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