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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So Much More

Being a mother is so much more than I ever knew before I actually became one. When we think of being a mommy while we are younger, we never really see past the fairytale that we have imagined in our minds.

My Fairytale didn’t include worry, stress, anxiety, fear, heartbreak and never really sleeping again.

My mom just made it all look so easy, I know now though that it was never easy.

But with this life that is no Fairytale I also never imagined how much I could love another human being. How seeing her smile could make my day and hearing her laugh would touch my heart. I didn’t realize that the hugs from my child would feel so good or that scribbling on a piece of paper that a child says is just for you…could mean so much.

And most of all…I never imagined the pride…yes, the feeling of being so proud of your child that you feel like you are going to just start screaming at the top of your lungs
“This beautiful, wonderful little girl is MINE”

She is mine and her name is Haley and I am so proud of the little person that she has become. Seeing her now, going to school, interacting with her friends, embracing responsibility and enjoying all that she is learning during this new chapter in her life makes me just want to start jumping up and down like a crazy person because she is such a joy and I am so blessed and so grateful that I get to be her mother.

She is so much more than any fairytale could be.
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