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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He Owns Me

Watching you play outside today without your leash made my heart sing
Even though you knew you were still confined,
you appreciated being able to to roam that area free from that harness
I don't like the that thing either, it makes me feel like I own you and we both know it is YOU who owns ME.

Today was beautiful, the way you searched under leaves and climbed that tree
And the fact that you love the smell of flowers too makes me smile.
I could sit and watch you explore for hours
Being with you just makes me happy

Well, I have started taking Mikey out into our garden which is fenced in, it's a pretty big area and he can at least roam free in there without being tethered to me. Don't get me wrong, Mikey does ok on his leash and all but it just seems better for him to be able to check stuff out on his own. He is such a good boy, most of the time he just wants to roll around in the dirt, eat some bamboo and then he is ready to go in. He doesn't ask for much, though he could and he would get it. LOL

Model is Mikey sporting his new summer hair cut.

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