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Monday, January 14, 2013

20 Free Photoshop Brushes from my Winter Collection

I was just having a little too much fun yesterday making these brushes so I ended up with a grip of them. LOL Lucky for you though because these babies are just sweet.
And you know how I am, I couldn't bring you just plain old flower brushes, no that wouldn't be right. get the brushes plus the cutouts too. If all of want is the brushes then make sure you follow the correct download button below.

So here's the specs, the brushes are all around 800px, give or take a little each way and they were created in CS6.
As for the Cutouts...again, they are all around 800px and they come in PSD Format.

I really have a blast making these brushes, especially the flower ones because the possibilities are endless, my creativity just starts to come out my ears. LOL

The Preview Template board I used here is by Marisa Lerin over at Pixelscrapper. You should really check out her site, she has some fabulous free downloads.

As always my brushes and cutouts are Free for you to download and use as you wish.
All I ask is that you don't claim them as your own. 
No need to credit me.

Have Fun, Be Creative!

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