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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Free Rainbow PSD Cutouts plus Tutorial on How to Use Them.

Ok, so I love Rainbows, there it's out. LOL
Well I do. But the real kind. I am not all girly, girly fake Rainbows all over my room, I like the real ones because they are beautiful.
So I decided to make you some Rainbows (made from REAL Rainbows) that you can add to your photographs or backgrounds or where ever you wish.

They are in PSD Format and were created in CS6.

While I was at it I figured I would do a little tutorial for those who do not know how to use them. The Tutorial is included in the download also.

My Rainbow Cutouts are Free to Download and use in your Personal or Commercial projects. No need to credit me unless you offer them as a download on a website, in that case please link back to my website. Thanks

Be Creative.

169px x 249px

Download button

First open the image you want to add your Rainbow to.

rainbow tutorial 1

Next, go to File and then to place and select a Rainbow from where ever you put them on your computer. :)

rainbow tutorial2

Once the Rainbow is added to your image, just adjust the size and placement by dragging the edges Just double click the image to place it there.

rainbow tutorial3

After it is in place you may want to adjust the opacity of it  like I have as you can see below.

rainbow tutorial5

And that's it! 

rainbow tutorial6

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