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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Resources I use as a Photographer

Resources are so much fun for me to make for you, I really love Photoshop and creating things just makes me smile. However, I am first a photographer which is where most of my resources start.
Along this Photographers Journey I have been on, I have been asked a very consistent question...

What resources do you use as a Photographer?

So tonight I am going to tell you, give away my secrets so to speak but they are not really my secrets, they actually belong to some very helpful and creative people that make my job a hell of a lot easier.

First of all, the only resources I ever use on my own work are Photoshop actions, I have thousands of them and that is no joke. Out of those thousands, I use a hand full regularly and now I will share which ones those are.

Let me start with a before shot of my Mikey and I will use his photograph throughout this review to make things easier.

As you can see he is just a beauty to begin with. LOL
But it only gets better from here...

Now, I won't offer download links, instead I will direct you to their websites where you can find the resources that I am reviewing here. 
These are not direct Downloads as some are Free and some are not. 

The first Actions in my line up are from the one and only....

MCP Actions

I must make something clear here, I love every single one of Jodi's Actions, there are just too many to list here but her MCP Blog it Boards, they save my butt daily and the two Actions above are just a couple that I seem to favor.

Visit MCP Actions

Next up, Florabella, now I have to admit, I have just recently tried her actions for the first time but I am impressed to say the least....check these out...

 Florabella Collection

Just lovely and as I try more of her actions I will let you know what I think.

Visit Florabella Collection

Next on this list is Mr. Kubota, how could I have a list without him? I use Kubota Actions a lot but again there are too many to list here so I will share the one I use like..... ALL the time.

These actions are just so quick and simple and I love using them, he really designs these resources with us in mind.

Visit Kubota Image Tools

The above are actions that I adore and use often but the the next two are a part of my everyday workflow no matter what, in some way shape or form I end up using them....

Ginnie Photography...

I just love it, love it , love it!

Visit Ginnie Photography

The last action on my list but not even the least because I use this next one every single time I process a photograph and its my absolute favorite because it is so versatile and easy to use.

Seim Effects

I have tried soooo many actions and no matter what it always comes back to Seim Effects
It's the softness, the color, the way his actions give your work that edge and the ease of using them. 
His resources are my absolute favorite.

Visit Seim Effects

Preview image is used with MCP Print it Board

So there you have it....the cat is out of the bag.  LOL
Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Free Dream Textures

I have a new set of textures here for you, these are from my Dream collection.
You could use these for just about anything, they will work great as backgrounds, wallpaper, scrap booking paper and they are wonderful on photographs. See example at the bottom of this post.

The textures are a large 3888x2592 and they are in JPG format. I created them in CS6.

You can download them as a set bellow or individually by right clicking on the texture you want and then save as.

My Dream Textures are free to download and use as you wish.
Personal and Commercial use OK.

Be Creative! Enjoy!






 Example of Textures used on photograph of my Mikey.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

8 Free Fantasy Stock Images

Hello, hello, hope you are all doing wonderful.

Tonight I have some stock images I would like to share with you. They could be used as backgrounds or wallpaper also, whatever you want I suppose.

All 8 images are in PNG format and they are a large 3888x2592 so they should work for just about any project you have going.

You can download them as a set or you can get them individually by Right Clicking the image you want and then Save As. Preview will open at 3888x2592.

These images are FREE for you to download and use as you wish.

Personal and Commercial use OK.

Hope you like them. Be creative. Enjoy!

starry night

colorful moon

sun through blue clouds

sun through the clouds

blue peurple clouds with stars

foggy blue purple clouds

reddish clouds

blue clouds


Thursday, February 28, 2013

19 Lightroom Presets by John De Bord

I don't usually feature other people's resource's here on ibjennyjenny, not too much anyway but today I must share something with you that I have have personally been waiting for like...ever for. LOL
Seriously, John De Bord has released his Lightroom presets collection-Volume 1. Yeah! 
John is my favorite photographer of all time, I mean the guy is a genius, his work is top notch so his releasing  a workflow for Lightroom is big stuff people.

Here is a preview of the presets...

As I said....Yeah!

Be sure to check out John's website  John De Bord Photography and his Facebook Page as well, so worth the trip.
Saturday, February 23, 2013

8 Free Tumblr Backgrounds For the GUYS

Ok, so I feel like a weenie because I have totally been ignoring my Tumblr guys. So to make up for it I have made you some backgrounds I think you will like a lot.
Now, you girls can use these too, no doubt. LOL

This set of Tumblr Backgrounds come in one size 1680x1050. 
If you would like an alternative size you can re-size them to1280x1024. 
If you have Photoshop, you can download my Tumblr re-sizers here.
To Download backgrounds...
Click on the image, Just Right click and Save As 
Preview opens at 1680x1050

Make sure you change the following line in your Tumblr Custom HTML 
top left fixed repeat to this top left fixed no-repeat

If you need help with adding a background read here
As always, my Tumblr Backgrounds are FREE to download and use as you wish.
Just don't claim them as your own and we are all good. :)






grey grunge

brown grunge



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Free Heart Note Paper and Envelope

Hey you all, it has been one busy dang Saturday...I am still trying to catch up so hang in there.

My Heart Note Paper and Envelope are in PNG format and were created in CS6.

You can use them for whatever you want, Personal and Commercial use are both OK.

Have Fun. Be Creative.

14 Free Photoshop Heart Brushes plus Cutouts

You would not believe what I have been through this week with this blog. Google Released their New 
Image Search on January 22 and it really messed things up here for a minute. But only for a minute because you guys rock! Things are picking back up so that's the good news. Better news is that Google also released another Panda Update and my position in search stayed at #1. That made up for the image search thing. Kinda. LOL

Anyway, I am now trying to catch up with my Valentines Day Collections before it's actually Valentine's Day. LOL I'm trying so hang in there, I will get them out to you ASAP.

Tonight I have these heart brushes for you plus the cutouts of course. 

There are 14 brushes/cutouts in this set. The cutouts are in PNG format and OPTIMIZED. LOL 
I learned how to do all that this week over at Webmaster Central
They turned me on to a little goodie called  Try it out, it's pretty nifty and it optimizes your images for you for faster loading webpages. 

Back to the specs, my brushes and cutouts were created in CS6.

These are free for you to download and use as you wish, just don't claim them as your own
Personal and Commercial Use Ok. No need to credit me.

Have fun. Create. Enjoy!