6 Free Concrete Tumblr Backgrounds

Saturday, July 20, 2013 / 2 comments
Happy Saturday Everyone, hope your weekend is fantastic!

Here are some colored (in photoshop lol) Concrete Tumblr Backgrounds.

My Tumblr backgrounds are 1680 x 1050.
If you want them smaller you can download my re-sizer for Photoshop HERE.

To Download the Backgrounds just click on the image you want , Right click and Save As.
Preview opens at 1680x1050. 
Make sure you change the following line in your Tumblr Custom HTML:  top left fixed repeat  to this  top left fixed no-repeat
If you need help with adding a background Follow this link.

As Always, they are free for you to Download 

and use as you wish just don't claim them unless you change them.

Concrete-tumblr-Backgrounds teal

Concrete-tumblr-Backgrounds pink

Concrete-tumblr-Backgrounds brown

Concrete-tumblr-Backgrounds blue

Concrete-tumblr-Backgrounds black


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