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Free Tumblr Floral Backgrounds

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Ok so I am like in this Flower mood yes..LOL

But if you are looking for Tumblr Backgrounds with Flowers then you will be so happy about my mood. LOL

My Tumblr Backgrounds are 1680x1050 and are always the Highest Quality Tumblr Backgrounds you will find on the Web.   
If you want them smaller you can download my re-sizer for Photoshop HERE.

I am offering them in sets of two or you can download all the sets together, that part is up to you. Just follow the links below.

Make sure you change the following line in your Tumblr Custom HTML: 

top left fixed repeat to this top left fixed no-repeat. 

If you need help with adding a background Follow this link.

Once you download my Backgrounds you are free to use them on your Tumblr, even alter them if you wish I DO NOT require you to credit me for using them.
However, I do ask that if you plan to share my backgrounds on a website, like say, a website that offers backgrounds, I would like you to at least link back to this website
I make these things for you to use and I love sharing them with you and seeing them all over Tumblr being used as backgrounds but when my backgrounds are coming up on other people's website's who also offer backgrounds and my name or a link is not present, well I think that is a bit unfair. 
So please remember where they come from or don't offer them to others. 

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