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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Free Texture Super Set (50 Textures)

Hey, hope your day was the best day ever!

I have something rather cool for you tonight, rather large too. LOL

I have 50 high quality, high resolution textures all rolled into one sweet download. (48 shown in preview)

I have come to the conclusion that I make more textures than I give out. LOL Seriously though, I look at these things all the time and try to figure out how I will package them for you and if I don't think of anything right away they get pushed off into a folder that has just grown way to large for my own good. :)

These textures are the Bomb and I know you will find some very good uses for them.

They are 3888x2592 so this is a large download but oh so worth it I promise.

They are free, no need to credit me unless you plan to offer them on your own website and then I would just like a link back here, that's all. You can use them in your Personal or commercial projects.

Be Creative.



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